In his book, Kick the Drink Easily, Jason Vale offers a different perspective on alcohol.

When I stopped drinking, I found the the way he was dissecting alcohol and the place it takes in our lives very refreshing and liberating. “Alcohol is the only drug in the world where, when you stop taking it, you are seen as having a problem”.

The author acknowledges that he was a heavy drinker but he never considered himself an alcoholic. He stopped because he didn’t like the mood swings, the lack of sleep and the negative emotions triggered by alcohol. He also got tired of the hangovers. Once he stopped drinking, he didn’t have to constantly negotiate with himself about how many drinks he would allow himself to have.

“It is the having to exercise control that proves the addict is not in control. I will repeat this point as I believe it to be a vital one. You cannot have freedom of choice without the freedom to also refuse”. He doesn’t consider himself in recovery either. Being sober made him free. “I am not ‘in recovery,’ not missing out, not pining for drink or feeling deprived. I am not feeling miserable because I am not drinking, opting out of life, or attending sessions every week, and I haven’t found religion. I mean that I am free, really FREE”.

No FOMO, because there is nothing to miss out.

-Kick the Drink Easily, Jason Vale

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